Beach Umbrella Instructions


    Setting up your Beach Umbrella

    1. Pick your sandy spot or locate a suitable base for other outdoor set-ups.
    2. Use your shadow to see which direction your umbrella will throw its shade and dig an approximately 30 - 40cm hole.
    3. Place the base pole on its own in the hole, turn the pole a few times to screw into sand if possible and compact with sand to ensure a secure base.
    4. To open the umbrella, hold the pole with one hand and with the other hand slide the mechanism up the pole to extend the canopy open until the mechanism switch aligns with the small hole at the top of the pole and allow it to clip into position. 
    5. Place the umbrella with open canopy into the base pole you have positioned in the sand, push in the silver button on umbrella pole and align with the hole on the base pole, allow to slide in and the pole's to click into place.
    6. Now sit back, smile and enjoy all life has to offer.


    • Ensure your beach umbrella is well anchored in windy conditions. Always collapse the Beach Umbrella if leaving unattended to prevent it from blowing away, getting damaged or disturbing others.