How to be more eco friendly at the beach

How to be more eco friendly at the beach

 At this time of year we love nothing more than spending a day at the beach as a family. To us, if we’re going to enjoy this outdoor lifestyle we need to play a part in preserving the beauty of this landscape. 
We’re so proud to have been able to bring this passion of ours into our designs and create our beach umbrellas from recycled ocean plastics, not only encouraging more play outdoors but removing the equivalent of almost 50 plastic bottles per product from the ocean.
On a smaller scale, we try and remember that even our everyday actions can have an impact on our oceans. These are some practical tips we like to follow to ensure our day at the beach is as eco-friendly as possible.

Be Sustainably Sun Safe

Living in the sunshine state of Queensland, Australia we have some of the ocean’s most beautiful coral reefs on our shores, and are all too aware of how our impacts may harm their longevity. Sunscreens containing the chemical oxybenzone have been proven to contribute to coral bleaching so it is important that you’re choosy with the product you use to slip, slop, slap with before getting into the water.
We love The Kind Sunscreen which is a mineral based formula made from just 9 ingredients, safe for our coral reefs and sensitive skin alike. No nasty chemicals or preservatives, just all-natural sustainable ingredients and SPF 30 sun protection.

Eco Friendly Play

The beach is our kids’ favourite playground, but we are always mindful of leaving it unharmed. Encourage little ones to save memories rather than taking momentos like sand and shells, and teach them to leave rocks and sea life untouched. Before you leave be sure to topple sandcastles and fill holes so that little critters don’t get trapped later on. This education piece is so important for them to appreciate the magic that is the ocean, and the role we play in preserving it for their kids to enjoy someday.
After a long, tiring day chasing after excited little sand castle kings and queens, the reality is that we can sometimes lose track of sand toys. To avoid leaving behind plastic waste, invest in a more eco-friendly set for your little ones so that if something does get left behind it doesn’t become a long term problem. The Beach People have a great eco-friendly play set made from compostable bamboo and bio-plastic that we love.

Pack your Snacks

Outdoor adventures always need snacks, and nothing says summer more than a juicy mango or watermelon to refuel after a swim. Especially with little ones (or hungry surfers) it is always good to have something quick and easy on hand in our beach bag. To reduce waste we try our best to bring something to munch on from home, rather than relying on packaged food or takeaway. 
There are so many reusable containers available these days (our faves are from Seed & Sprout) that are perfect to throw in some seasonal fruit, nuts or crackers. Don’t forget a big reusable drink bottle as well to ensure you stay hydrated all day long.


Leave Nothing Behind

We are huge supporters of the Take Three for the Sea initiative, which encourages you to pick up three pieces of rubbish before you leave our beaches or waterways after a day of play. We might be playing our part in ensuring we don’t bring plastics to the beach, but there is still a long way to go in making these waste-free environments. This simple action done by many can have a huge impact.
  • Ainsley Perdis says...

    Hi. I never comment but I just had to today. Not only do I love your products, I am also hugely impressed by your Journal and what your company stands for. I will be playing my part, as will my kids in actioning Three for the Sea and will be sure to spread the word as we live near the beach. Thank you.

    On Jan 18, 2021

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