A first of its kind…  Beach Umbrellas that are helping clean up our oceans

A first of its kind… Beach Umbrellas that are helping clean up our oceans

With over 60 million plastic bottles ending up in landfill every day, we knew we had to do our bit to help the planet. Can we just reflect on that statistic for a moment – EVERYDAY 60 MILLION PLASTIC BOTTLES END UP IN LANDFILL. And as we watch mother nature scream at us with crazy bush fires, wild storms and devastating eco systems including our majestical coral reefs. Now more than ever, it is time to do our bit.  

We know that every action counts towards making a positive difference and we believe collectively we can save our planet. That is why at Land and Sand Essentials we have spent over a year developing our new consciously curated beach umbrellas. Read on to find out how they are helping our planet…

Made with around 50 recycled plastic bottles, it is time to celebrate the launch of our consciously curated range that you can shop today. With five exclusive canopy design options to choose from, there is more to this beach umbrellas than just offering the perfect shade in our sizzling summer.  

Leading the field in sustainability they boast big when it comes to sun protection and offers ease of set-up with its click in pole and a screw-in handle to screw the pole deeper into the sand, plus the added feature of hidden pockets inside the Beach Umbrella canopy. It also comes with the convenience of a matching carry bag, are super lightweight and offers UPF 50+ … beach days couldn't be easier.

Here’s one of our favourite quotes by Robert Swan that we stand by:

 " The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”.

Plus did you know that we donate $1 of every sale to Clean Oceans who are dedicated to stopping plastics entering our oceans and waterways, with a goal of banning all single-use plastics on every Australian beach by 2025!         

Get salty and rest assured you're nestled under the perfect shade. We've got you and the Earth covered, literally.

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