• Behind Our Brollies

    Behind Our Brollies

      Born from a love of a life lived outdoors, our story started with the idea for sustainable shade for families just like ours. We are Aimee and Brad, the creators of Land and Sand Essentials, and today we thought we would invite you to take a peek behind the scenes of our brand and share where our journey started. Living on the Sunshine Coast of Australia with two little ones, our days on the beach and in the sun bring us so much joy. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and it was during these days that...

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  • Dream Weekend Escapes 

    Dream Weekend Escapes 

    With a string of long weekends on the horizon here in Australia our travel to-do list is full to the brim as we gather inspiration for local winter travel. Yes, we might not be able to venture to faraway destinations just yet but there’s a lot to be celebrated in places that are within arms reach. Especially those that shine in the cooler months. Pair this with the fact that Australian Airbnb’s have really been upping their game of late, we love discovering new boutique stays that are highlighting lesser known towns. There’s no doubt this ever growing list of...

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  • How to be more eco friendly at the beach

    How to be more eco friendly at the beach

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     At this time of year we love nothing more than spending a day at the beach as a family. To us, if we’re going to enjoy this outdoor lifestyle we need to play a part in preserving the beauty of this landscape.    We’re so proud to have been able to bring this passion of ours into our designs and create our beach umbrellas from recycled ocean plastics, not only encouraging more play outdoors but removing the equivalent of almost 50 plastic bottles per product from the ocean.   On a smaller scale, we try and remember that even our...

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  • 4 best local beaches

    4 best local beaches

    Our favourite beaches on the Australian coastline for the best summer outdoor adventures. Including the best places to eat and stay, with local discoveries that will make any weekender or longer stay a memorable one.
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  • Our guide to a conscious beach trip in style

    Our guide to a conscious beach trip in style

    Some of the best memories are made barefoot in the sand. Summers here and if you’re anything like our tribe, you’ll find us down the beach every weekend. It’s super important to us to make sure we are conscious with what we take and how to keep a low footprint on our beach trips. So here, we share with you, our favourite ways to have the best beach trip with minimal impact to our environment. Grab your gang - friends and family and carpool or ride your bikes. If you are close enough then riding is a great way to...

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  • A first of its kind…  Beach Umbrellas that are helping clean up our oceans

    A first of its kind… Beach Umbrellas that are helping clean up our oceans

    With over 60 million plastic bottles ending up in landfill every day, we knew we had to do our bit to help the planet. Can we just reflect on that statistic for a moment – EVERYDAY 60 MILLION PLASTIC BOTTLES END UP IN LANDFILL. And as we watch mother nature scream at us with crazy bush fires, wild storms and devastating eco systems including our majestical coral reefs. Now more than ever, it is time to do our bit.   We know that every action counts towards making a positive difference and we believe collectively we can save our planet....

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